Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Update on the flat belly quest

So I lost 2 pounds last week, my first week on the plan.  Woo hoo!  This also included a full on binge day courtesy of my company's employee appreciation day.  I mean honestly, I was on a boat what choice did I have?!

Here is what I've done so far:

Sundays is meal planning and market day.  Here's the meals we had last week.  I would make everything again!  (sorry I tossed the menu):
  • Korean Beef Lettuce Wraps (MUFA=Safflower Oil) - was a perfect lunch paired with fresh fruit
  • Spinach Salad with Pears, pecans, and goat cheese (MUFA=Pecans)
  • Roasted Potatoes with Feta cheese-walnut butter (MUFA=walnuts) - served with flank steak
  • Roasted chicken, potatoes, & veggies (MUFA=olive oil) - the most common meal we eat weekly
  • Roasted tomatoes with garlic - served on an english muffin for a snack (MUFA=olive oil) 
  • Chicken avocado taco (MUFA=avocado) - a standard also found in the book - score! 
  • Bean avocado tacos (MUFA=avocado) - always a standard - was my staple when I was veg.
  • Olives and cheese for a snack - (MUFA=olives)I realized I am very picky about which olives i like, one kind almost made me ralph!  braved through it though.  (notice there are no olives on this week's menu... I think they would be best in a recipe rather than standing alone)
This week:

  • Not being too planned on breakfast and the snacks:
    • Breakfasts: Cereal with fruit & nuts or egg with muffin (MUFA=nuts or olive oil) - pretty standard stuff
    • Snacks: Fruit, cheese, nuts (MUFA=nuts) or whatever perks interest for the day from the book
  • Monday
    • Lunch: Avocado and ham sandwich (MUFA=Avocado) - pretty standard on our normal menu
    • Dinner: Leftover pasta from Sunday (home cooked fresh tomato, garlic, & basil sauce) (MUFA=olive oil) - recipe courtesy miss Sarah T.
  • Tuesday
    • Lunch: Salad with chicken and etc. (MUFA=nuts)
    • Dinner: Ahi steak with Bok Choy & garlic (MUFA=olive oil)  - yum yum yummy!  Simon made this one and it was delicious!  Who know bok choy would be so great!
  • Wednesday
    • Lunch: Cashew Chicken w/ brown rice (MUFA=Cashews)- just finished making this and it looks GOOD!
    • Dinner: Roasted Chicken with mushroom rice pilaf (MUFA=Pecans)
  • Thursday
    • Lunch: Leftovers from Wed dinner
    • Dinner: tbd - I'm going to a Saki tasting! =)
  • Friday
    • Lunch: Chickpea Curry with Cashews (MUFA=cashews)
    • Dinner: tbd for me, Simon eats out with co-workers every Friday 
A lot of the techniques are pretty on par for the way we cooked before - if anything, it's giving both of us a chance to experiment in the kitchen!  Have stocked up on some new staples - need to get some Hoisin sauce for the asian dishes, though.  Substituting with terriyaki can only go so far.  I don't even know what hoisin sauce is, really.  

I have been going to yoga 3x a week and really working hard while I'm there.  I have seen immense improvements in my strength, control, and flow as well as good oceanic breathing.  My posture is better and I can see the difference in my arms and legs. Also, I've been trying to throw in a cardio/weights day 1x a week when I can.

To be honest, not seeing much shrinkage in the belly area... maybe if I quit drinking during the week or cheating so much on the weekend...  Regardless - my progress is slow but it is ever present!

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