Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer heat is slowly killing my plants

Slowly but surely, the dry, triple digits are thinning out and
browning my garden. I am relentlessly watering my beds, mostly twice
a day and keeping a close eye on my pots but it is tough out there.

My 12" pot filled with succulents is now after 6 months depleted down to this...

In trying to counteract the sad look of the patio, I got inspired when
washing these glass pieces. (to contradict my complaints... we had THE
monsoon of the year last night and the bowl was filled to the brim
with dirty rain water-I am sure the plants were happy though!)

So I am brainstorming of ways I can give it all a facelift for little
it no dinero to tide us over for another month or so when I add some
new plants. Any suggestions?

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