Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pubs are oh so lovely...

The running list of pubs in England we went to on our trip. Finally
getting around to sharing! Brigs back wonderful memories!

5/26 Monkey Puzzle westminster London, across from the hotel (1st
beers since arriving)

5/27 st. James tavern on shaftsebury in Picadilly

5/27 the Shakespeare, buckingham palace rd - Victoria

5/27 driveby "the loose box" (while on the big red bus-simon pointed
it out to the tour guide but apparently only we found it funny)

5/27 yates and slug & lettuce in Leicester square. This was the night
of the premiere of SATC2. Yates was a club next to the theatre - were
mobs outside. The slug and lettuce may sound like a regular stop in
the world of Potter, but in real life it is a chain similar to
Applebees but with a better bar and a menu of typical English fare.
Also is a big hot spot on a night out.

5/28 St Charles, 1st pub in York. Sat in the beer garden and enjoyed a
few ciders. Mmmm

5/28 - pub crawl after an Indian at The Garden of India with the
family... (take note... Do NOT go out on the piss after a curry! Was
so full and none of us could catch a buzz... Well except Tommy & Simon
but who's surprised there!)

The Louther - this is where all the students go under age to celebrate
the end of year 11 (16 years old).
Yates. - had the treat of a Plastic Terry sighting!
Slug and Lettuce
The Gallery - Simon almost started a fight. "cause that's just what we do!!"

5/29 the stoneyard and Terrace with basil. Boys went to Beeswing and
then we all met up at the black bull to meet Sue's friend Jane and

5/30 brigadier Gerard to meet Debbie, Sue's bestie. Then Tap and Spile.

5/31 Lendall Cellars

6/1 The Castle Arms, Edinburgh. Steak pie and Yorkshire pudding

Jenny Ha's. Si took a piss. Founded in 1600.

The Burgh for sandwhiches and pints to kill a couple hours before the
train back to York

6/2 the Blue Bell, smallest pub pub in York, recntly visited by Russel crowe
White swan Aka mucky duck
Cross keys
The golden slipper, where Jeff plays darts with his friend on Fridays
Snickelways, probably the smallest beer "yarden" in the world. Also
haunted! (as is the rest of York lol)

...have a million stories I could type forever! Had a blast! Looking
forward to a return trip!

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