Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Simon Proposed!

Wow! The absolute most exciting part of my life so far! This post is
definitely behind but I have been having so much fun getting the ball
rolling on wedding planning I just haven't made the time... I gave my
page a face lift and have a new found motivation (& lots of post
ideas) to get back into it.

In Feb Simon took me on a surprise bday getaway to Sedona, AZ. He
booked a B&B suite and made reservations at a nice Italian restaurant.

Now I have to admit, I had an inkling a proposal was on our near
future and was hoping this was the weekend, but I was never really

When we arrived I was so impressed by this amazing and
unique B&B. All of the rooms have a theme, ours was French Quarter.
One of my favorite styles of decor! There wasn't a detail overlooked
from the provincial bedding and upholstery, to the architectural
accents and antique furniture; this room was absolutely incredible!

We packed a lunch of our favorite Bruschetta that we discovere on oir first date at Postino wine bar in Arcadia. Fig, apples, and Brie with prosciutto. Yum!

And check out this view! If you haven't been to Sedona, I suggest you do soon! One of the most beautiful places in Arizona!

Dinner was perfectly romantic. We lucked out on a private booth for
two right behind the band - something Simon honestly didn't plan. The
evening couldn't have been more perfect! Once we finished our meals
and he took care of the check I was sure that tonight wasn't the

Sneaky little bugger - he left the ring at the suite, figuring I would
feel it in his pocket and he also knew (thanks mom) that I was

As soon as we returned to the suite, he grabbed my hand, got down on
one knee and said,"Morgan I love you very much. (something else here
in the middle neither of us can remember) Will you marry me?". I
immediately dropped down to the floor with him and kissed him! "Yes!
Of course! Yes yes yes!"

And then I remembered about the ring! Oh my goodness the ring! It is
beyond my expectations and desires. A delicate cluster of diamonds in
a pave setting surround three stones in the past, present, future
design. It's classic, tasteful, and oh so sparkly! Perfection.

I am so ecstatic to be marrying my best friend!!

So let the planning begin! In fact, we already have a lot figures out
including booking our venue!

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