Sunday, June 6, 2010

Spanish Siesta

While I know I have skipped quite a few days and in turn many sights
and events, part of being on vacation far from home means very limited
access. So deal with it and eventually I will get you all caught up. ;)

Currently we are sitting on a patio overlooking the Atlantic and the
Sahara on the horizon just 60 miles away.

The sun is extremely hot but the breeze is beautiful and instantly relieving. Cold beers and ginormous piña coladas are also a wonderful relief!

We haven't done much of anything which has been perfect. I'm close to finishing my book which I hardly read any of in traveling and Simon and I have battled out in a few games of scrabble. 

The bars are hilarious: Ruta 66 and The American Indian are a couple of my faves!  I must be the only American on the island! Well, besides the lead singer of Def Leppard that I hear has a place he and his family stay. The woman that served us breakfast this morning is long time friends with he and his wife (also from Arizona) and apparently they just left town as we arrived.

But really, I feel like Im a celebrity here they always seem to light up and go into deep conversation once they find out we live it the states. Quite the difference from feeling like sticking out like a sore thumb just a few days ago! 

Yesterday was one of my favorite days in a long time. We rented some beach chairs and an umbrella for 8 euro and lounged around and played in the ocean. Oh yeah, and I braved the feat of sun bathing topless. Simply liberating. And NO TAN LINES! Amazing!

Today we are just exploring the bars even more and have made plans for a scuba/snorkeling trip on Tuesday. Scuba for Si and snorkleing for me. HAVE to plan that diving trip next year to get mr certified!!!!

Oh! A game of Jenga calls! Gotta run! 

P.S. The pool is in our little complex, the drink is my Pina Colada from American Indian, and the view, well that's what Im looking at right now!  

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  1. So awesome!! I wish I were there with you. Good job on going topless--- I'd love to do that someday. :)