Tuesday, June 1, 2010


We took the train from London to York on Friday. Simon's brother and
his girlfriend picked us up from the station and then we went to his
youngest brother's school for Sports Day. We met up with Simon's
sister, Sarah then it was straight to the pub, the Charles (we're
keeping a list of all the pubs we visit but I'll save a post just for
Walked the grounds of York University and by the moor along the way.
Simon, Sarah, and Tommy took Anna and I down memory lane. I knew I was
going to learn a lot about Simon's childhood. :)

After the Charles we freshened up and got ready for the night. A
delicious Indian at the Garden of India, Jeff's favorite then we hit
the town for round 2 of Sarah's birthday. A lot of Simon's friends
from primary school met us out, too! We had a huge group! Some places
even turned us away because of it. Going out in town in a weekend
night is so awesome, especially because when you are going from place
to place, the cobblestone streets are empty other than all of people
that are out as well. One big playground!

On Saturday, we got up early to meet Basil, Simon's grandad. We
wandered through the Shambles, the main area of town. I love how old
these buildigs are and that everyone lives a very modern life in them.
Had some lunch and did some shopping and then Basil was off and it was
time to go visit some friends of Simon's mom.

The girls decided it was a good night to break away from the boys so
we went to see SATC2 while they stayed out at the pubs. When those
boys get together they're trouble! Haha not really too bad but they
can be a handful. Lol. Turns out that they were in bed before we even
got out of the movie though. They sure did have a good time!

Sunday we all drove out to the coast to the old fishing town of
Whitby. It was blistering! The wind was so strong it almost blew my
glasses off and nearly blew me over! But we found a good chippy soon
enough and tucked in for tea and fish and chips. Yummy!!! Best Ive
ever had! Got to try some mushy peas - not too bad! I'd been dying for
some veggies so I was happy with what I could get. Lol.

We walked up the hill after lunch to have a look at the Abbey. You can
see it in the photo on the horizon. This is the site used in Bram
Stoker's Dracula! And again, everything is so old! People were
fishing here some 2,000 years ago!

We drove through the countryside each way and got to see some really
great things. Among them were the Gypos (gypsies) who set up camp in
the public section on the side of the road. Now these are some old
school people!!! Didn't catch a glimpse of any of them but apparently
they are very small and very dirty! And they keep the coolest horses,
not as big as Clydesdales but the kind with long hair on their hooves
and heads. It really was a sight to see!!

We then met up with another friend of Simon's mom for a drink. Simon,
Tommy, Anna and I went for a walk along the bar walls and then out to
dinner and I finally got a good lot of veggies! Veggie pizza and a
salad. Mmm! And leftovers for breakfast. Everyone thought I was nuts
but they're just missin out!

Monday, Simon, his dad and I drove back out through the country to
visit with his nanna. We had tea and cakes and a really nice visit.
She is a doll!

Once back in York, the sun came out again and we walked into town for
some sight seeing. We walked through the Minster gardens and just
Simon and I went through the Minster - tehy charge ��8 but we borrowed
a couple York Minster cards and Si told em we live there. I just
smiled and nodded as not to give it away with my blatant American
accent. We also walked through the museum gardens and saw some more
ruins. Back at the house, a roast beef and chicken were being prepared
along with Yorkshire puddings, veggies, and roasted potatoes. Jeff
taught us all how to make bread and butter pudding!

Dinner was delicious and we all just relaxed and enjoyed each others
company. Sarah had to be off to London to catch her flight home in the
morning and I don't think there was a dry eye in the house. It is so
sad that the distance is so great...

This morning we are on the train again but this time it is for a day
trip to Edinburgh, Scotland. Will see the castle, Mary Queen of Scots
crown and septor, first used by her in the 1500s when she was just 9
months old! We'll watch the guns go off at the castle and do a lot of
exploring. Gonna be cold and wet but Im sure all worth it!

Gonna shut my eyes for a minute... A long day ahead of us!

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