Monday, October 17, 2011

Yoga 30-day Challenge

Just for fun, I am challenging myself to 30 consecutive days of yoga practice.

I have shared with a handful of my close friends my ambition to pursue
Yoga Teacher Training after my wedding, and have received so much
support and encouragement! I am now putting that dream out into the
universe and starting to prepare myself. One of the requirements of
YTT is to do an unassisted headstand in the middle of the room. I am
practically there physically but my fears definitely hold me back. I
so badly want to be strong, focused, and fearless to get into the
amazing advanced poses out there. They look so fun and I know how
rewarding it is to find yourself in a pose you never thought your body
could do!

When the 30 days is through, I hope to have built up my core & upper
body strength but mostly to have worked passed those hindering fears.

So here I go. Day one. I could count yesterday's home practice but
the intention wasn't present yet.

Practice scheduled for 7:15pm at my local gym, Club SAR. Tonight's
instructor teaches a basic flow, good for beginner to intermediate.
Class will be sure to provide a solid workout and bring me through all
the expected ashtanga poses. There usually isn't a lot of challenge
presented by this instructor but that is just fine considering I have
a bum foot and still have stitches in it. Will have to take it easy
on some of the standing poses!

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