Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Yoga Challenge Day 2

What a day! I woke up around 6:30 & did my regular routine of put on
the coffee, feed Jack, put together breakfast and get ready for work.
Came home for lunch and made salads for Simon and myself, went back to
work until 5:15, then a closing shift at BBW, home by 9 pm - took Jack
to the dog park, home by 10.

Whew! Only time for yoga was first thing in the morning or evening and
I opted for an evening practice. So just after 10, I plugged my iPhone
into the dock and hit play on a Lunar flow from The
iPhone app. This app is so handy! It provides free streaming or
downloads of 20 minute sessions ranging from beginner to advanced and
focusing on a variety of intentions. If you have an iAnything - get
it! If not, you can download sessions directly from their website;
they just ask for donations here and there to keep it free.

The Lunar Flow episode consisted of a cycle of crescents (with dropped
knees), cobras, down dogs, and child's pose. I have to admit just
about when she was sending us into our final crescent I was over it.
I think I did about 6 cycles and it got old fast. But it did open up
my hips!

Once it was time for sweet, sweet chavasana Jack just couldn't stand
being outside any new so I let him in and he attacke me with kisses on
floor. Thankfully Simon came home to distract him :)

So day 2 is complete! Onward I go with my eyes on the horizon. Namaste.

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