Friday, May 28, 2010

A Day in London

Changing of the gaurds (check out my YouTube page for a video!! Link
on the sidebar), meandered through the museum gardens just in time for
the sun to come out! Hopped on and off the big red bus and got some
very entertaining stories about the city, and enjoyed a handful of
pubs as well as a cheese sandwhich with branston pickle. Yumm!

Turned out that the SATC2 premiere was last night but unfortunately I
missed all the good stuff. :( pretty down about that but I did hang
out in Leicester Square while they were all in watching the movie! And
I saw a couple local celebs, Amanda Hall and some Daisy chick. Will
have to google them. Still pretty stoked to know that I was feet from
SJP and Kim Catrall!!! Love those gals!

Today we are on our way up to York. Looking forward to seeing Simon's


  1. Yay! Happy the sun was out for a little while for you. Sorry you missed the SATC2 premiere though. Have a lovely time in York! x

  2. Nope, they did not stop the oil geyser; there's a big "rally" in PHX for opposition to new law; stocks had the worst May since 1940; so you see the country's going to hell without you ! Just enjoy lollygagging about York with all Simon's people, and take your sweet time coming home. Oh yeah, the Suns lost it (again).
    Love, Dad