Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cleanse Day One

I woke up starving - not a good thing when I said I wanted to only
have one meal today! But I pushed through it with the hot lemon drink
and another bottle of water.
So I got myself organized and headed to the market. Everything I
bought is organic, except for my blueberries because it was a $6
difference! Surprisingly, most everything else was either priced lower
or about the same. Why hadn't I realized this before???
So as soon as I got home I started on the Kitchari. The spices are so
fragrant and beautiful! Tameric, Cardamom seed, Cumin, curry powder
and fresh garlic. I also added some chili pepper to give it a kick.

An hour later I have a gorgeous, fragrant, and delicious dish that I
am so pleased with. And I get to have this for lunch all week. Yum!!

So after lunch I plan to keep really busy and work around the house.
Need to stay busy so I won't get hungry!

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