Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dawning of the Age of the 30s

My coworker asks me, "how old are you again?" I replied, "I will be 29
in a few weeks." And he says, "oh! I always feel like you're much
younger, like my age."

At first I thanked him, taking the compliment that I look younger.
People do usually think I am younger than I really am. But then I
replayed it in my head...

I always feel like you're much younger, like my age." ...much
younger.... So I asked him how old he is and he replied "24". Yes.
Sooo much younger. Damn him and his backhanded compliment! Haha

Only a few more weeks before I enter the eve of my 30th. My final year
of being in my 20s. Am I supposed to have a nervous breakdown and
party my brains out before I'm officially grown up? Because I feel
like I already got that out of my system...

Dear all 28, 29, and 30 year olds - what are your thoughts? Did
you/are you freaking out? Is it weird that I'm not?

I suppose the fact that I am in a committed relationship that I don't
have the fear of never settling down. My clock is definitely ticking
but I also know the next steps will come in due time, not too far in
the future.

So what is one to do - am I expected to over react about my age, or
can I just be happy with where I'm at so far? Or should I get off the
fast train to being a calm, mature adult and shake things up a bit?

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