Sunday, January 9, 2011

Cleanse Day Two

The hardest part, at least what I have anticipated as being the most difficult, is very close to being over!!

In just a few hours when I go to bed, I will have successfully completed the first part of my cleanse!  It has been tough but I have only eaten one meal for two days.  I have drank an exorbitant amount of water and I can definitely feel the process working.  All day today I have had a dull backache, a very common reaction to toxins working their way through your body.  I haven't, however, had any headaches or mood swings - the absence of the headache must mean I am drinking enough water and the absence of mood swings is a good sign I don't make a habit of "emotional eating."

To be honest, I expected I would be a monster.  I have low blood sugar so when I don't get to eat when I am hungry I am not a pleasure to be around.  But it only makes sense that since this is a choice I have made and commitment I feel strongly about sticking through, that I be at peace with little food.

I really struggled last night, but was able to let the hunger pass.  I was extremely sleepy all day so I expected to zonk out around 7 but I laid down at 8:30 and wasn't completely tired.  What I didn't expect was to sleep 12 hours.  I'm not complaining though - it felt great!

**Warning - I am going to talk about #2 now...  When I woke up, I took a major poo, thanks to the laxative tea I had in the evening.  How is it possible to only eat one meal and have the equivalent to probably 4 days worth of BMs?  And, I went 2 or 3 more times throughout the day!  Clearly, this was needed!  It says I can drink this tea for up to 10 days in a row - by that time I surely will be cleaned out in that area!!

...It's safe now, for those of you that skipped ahead...

Today we went to Ikea, probably one of the worst places to go when one hasn't nourished themselves with ample amounts of fuel.  In fact, I felt like I was going to topple over at one point but I slowed down, drank some water and was perfectly fine after that.  We had a mission and knew exactly what we wanted.  In and out within 45 min, most of which was spent winding through the damn place and discussing which color of wood was best.  Was painless, really! We made it home quickly and had lunch.  Second day eating it, still love the kitchari.  I am excited that I get to have it for lunch for the next 5 days too.  I love, love, love Indian food so I feel spoiled actually!

I kept busy again this afternoon, this time I started a painting, did laundry, and ran a bunch of errands - yesterday I organized and put away all of the Christmas decorations.  It's been a win-win!

Almost through it... I can do it!  Just a few episodes of Dexter with Simon then it is off to bed and on to start phase two where I get to eat!  and exercise!


  1. Wow, sounds like you're off to a great start! I'm so excited to try this out very soon. Not to sound lazy or like I don't want to do the research myself but are you able/willing/wanting to post the recipes of the Kitchari? Since I'm not working right now I think it's probably a good time to start...and what kind of laxative Tea did you buy?! Scary that you went so much and ate so little...good sign thought that you're body is cleansing itself of the bad!

  2. good job morgan!!! so proud of you! i have not been able to get motivated since work has taking over my mind this weekend (up til 230a last night and been working today since 3p.. prob for a while longer.) i am inspired by your post though and WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN! :)
    xoxo! Anna

  3. I sure will Susie!
    Thanks Anna! Hopefully work will slow down for you soon!