Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cleanse Day Three - Bikram kicked my butt

"Nothing stops the man who desires to achieve. Every obstacle is simply a course to develop his achievement muscle. It's a strengthening of his powers of accomplishment."

- Eric Butterworth, was Senior Minister of The Unity Center of New York City

Once again, TDL has provided inspiration where it fits...

Yesterday was back to a normal eating schedule with my already typical breakfast of oatmeal and blueberries, then kitchari for lunch, and dinner butternut squash soup and a fresh salad.  No complaints here!  I didn't have coffee in the morning which I felt around 9 or so.  But I had a cup of tea and was just fine.  I went to the office gym on my lunch hour and walked a little over a mile - i didn't want to overexert myself considering the few calories I was consuming and that I had plans to attend my first Bikram yoga class.

Bikram kicked my butt.  You know it is going to be hot but you just don't realize how it feels.  I also psyched myself out because just before class while sitting in the 106 degrees next to a girl who was clearly a pro, I was borderline panic attack that I would fail by falling, fainting, puking and I almost left.  But instead I just got up went out of the room and refocused.  The thing that was hard was dealing with the heat - having a constant fight with yourself and ability to proceed and tons of toxins working through your body and out through your sweat.  I felt like I was going to pass out or was nauseous at many points, I probably was sitting down for 25% of the class.  But it is totally acceptable!  I was self conscious regardless but kept looking around to see I wasn't the only one.  In fact, a seasoned girl left the room, at which point I took advantage and ducked out for a minute, too.  I was conveniently right next to the door so I didn't feel bad.  I kept telling myself, just do what you can and even if you don't perform all 26 poses, you are getting the benefits of the sauna atmosphere.  Also, my face was so red from overheating.  Whenever I work out my face gets pretty red but this was intense.  Picture your worst sunburn ever.   When I got home and looked in the mirror I was scared it wouldn't go away!  The poses are very manageable and in fact, my balance was better here than I have ever experienced.  So it's a mind game.  which tells me I can do this. and I will go back.  I want to try again.  not sure if tonight but I will go back...  

In other news, I lost 5 pounds!  Now, I didn't weigh myself before I started but I have been maintaining the same weight for quite a while, even when I lost a few pounds about a month ago, it came right back a couple weeks later.  Anyhow, I am guessing based on what my avg weight has been compared to my weight yesterday afternoon and I figure I have lost about 5 pounds.  All of which I am assuming is water and poop.  But who cares!  I feel lighter in my stomach.  My pants fit comfortably.  I am not bloated.  Score!  The weekend's efforts and struggles were totally worth it!

I have had requests to post the kitchari recipe I used - here is the website I used as my core resource.  I made the Mungbeans with Rice & veggies recipe, modified with less water, frozen organic veggies, and no ginger.  I used french green lentils (mungbeans is just another term for lentils) http://www.allaboutfasting.com/kitchari.html  Please do research some more about Aruyveda, kitchari, and cleanses versus detox.  There is a lot to consider and I feel I'd be writing all day to supplement that info for you  ;)

Have a great day - off to conquer day four!

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