Monday, May 10, 2010

Current obsessions

I think I am channeling my tween self - I am actually obsessed with a bit of pop culture and fashion trends and it has definitely been a while...

The Top Knot

I saw a mention of it somewhere between Glamour and my Fitness Mag emails - at first I was weary but I rocked it last week (a lot) and loved it!   

White Nail Polish 

Ana from far away, inspired me when she wrote about her recent white polish manicure.  I have to say, it looks fabulous!  
(P.S. Gwen Stefani is amazing and my original tween role model)


I cannot get enough of this song!  Usher never fails.  Heart him.

I've also fallen in love with my new Pumas

The best part about them is they were free, kind of... In case you weren't aware, Nordstrom has THE best return policy - so long as you have the receipt you can return clothes you've been wearing for who knows how long.  I bought a super cute pair of jeans just shy of a year ago but they're too big now (woo hoo!) and there was a tiny (fixable but why bother) spot where the seam was coming apart.  Pow!  Instant $75!  They're super comfortable and have a thin profile.  Now my feet will be happy and I don't have to wear my clunky running shoes!  Score!


  1. I did not know that about Nordstrom's return policy! VERY good information... and now I need to start keeping my receipts!

  2. Definitely! It is what Last Chance is - 2nd hand Nordstrom! I swear, they're the only store I know that will take back shoes that were worn outside.

  3. Morgan, I am so excited to shop at Nordstroms. Even though I have to drive to the Mall of America to do so. And I cannot even believe that you can return like that!

    My running shoes are a pair of Ryka's and I swear they are like little pieces of cushy heaven on my feet. The only weird thing that I am apparently not used to is that they have the same gray fabric as your shoes....and the wind goes through it. So it feels weird. I don't know. Maybe I'm weird. ;)

    White nail polish is the hotness. I remember using White Out in like 9th grade. And Sharpie's for black. Good lord.