Thursday, May 27, 2010

Hello there, London. Pleased to meet you!

A long, long flight but every bit worth it, hotel is quite small as
expected but is nicely updated - very cozy!

Once we got settled and cleaned up it was off to the pub (The Monkey
Puzzle) and then the London Eye. They had a quick 4D experience
beforehand that was really cool and got you psyched up for the LE.
Views were stunning! A neighboring pod was catered with drinks, and in
ours a 10 yr old's mom brought a bday cake and her family sang to her.
It was all a fantastic experience.

Afterwards, we made our way to Picadilly Circus for dinner - yummy

We got around on the underground, under ��6 was a steal for the
roundtrip and all the stops in between!

Stopped for tins of beer and chocolate bars. I got a Kronenberg
(��1.49!!) and a chocolate orange bar and Si got a strongbow and a
cider. Climbed out to the rooftop garden of our hotel and finished off
the night.

Slept amazing! On day 2 and can't wait to get moving! Looking forward
to a fry up in the city. Yum!


  1. what a great start of your trip, thanks for sharing. Glad your with connection with Matt and family made it memorable rather than walking back and forth in the airport.

  2. Well, so glad to hear you found it, and arrived, and got the good food (family history trained you well)! Sounds like fun!
    I don't see the fog, where's that? How's their economy and the unemployment? Can I get a job? Keep looking for one for me. I know "a bit" about horses. Meanwhile, we muddle on, and think maybe they stopped the oil geyser. Have a great day! Love, Dad

  3. So very jealous. Keep the pictures coming, I am living vicariously through you.

  4. Don't mind me sipping on my Haterade. ;) LOL!!! These are amazing pictures!