Thursday, May 6, 2010

My unglamorous life as a Disney Princess

This monster, we'll call her Maleficent after the wicked fairy godmother in Sleeping Beauty (Seems, fitting, right?), has prevented me from getting out of bed to go running all week and it has to stop!
I brought my tennies and sports bras (yes, I wear 2) to California, planning to go for a run along the beach Monday morning before we checked out but I was just plain lazy.  Convinced myself that I was on vacation and running along the beach really wasn't as cool as I was making it seem.  What?  Complete nonsense!!!  I was so f'ing excited to do that and now I lost my chance.  FAIL!

She gets me all the time - I lay in bed, most of the time in anticipation of my alarm going off, and it's as if I am Aurora and Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather are in a full debate with Maleficent on  when I should get out of bed.

Every possible scenario runs through my mind of how I can reschedule, shorten the time I need, minimize to what is absolutely necessary, and somehow believe that this 5 minutes to an hour of debate is going to make me feel more rested.  What a waste of effort!

It isn't until the very last minute I come to my senses and realize that I have completely underestimated the time I need and want to get ready for the day.

So... today is Thursday and I haven't run all week.  Monday it was because of being on a mini-vacation, Tuesday was because I wanted to be in at 7 so that would call for waking up way earlier (no way) plus Tuesday isn't a normal day, yesterday I can't even remember the rationale but I'm sure it was very clever, and today it was a sore throat and lazy body.  

Thank goodness I was finishing a full week before we leave for our trip so I don't have to kill myself going without rest days but I worry that this week off will have screwed with my stamina!

It's ironic how it seems like Simon is the only thing that can get me out of bed when I'm in this state.  Maybe there really is something to say about who your favorite Disney Princess was as a young girl...

But it's all on me.  I need to get my ass in gear and stop living in fairy tale dream land.  Who the fuck invented the snooze concept, anyways.  It's all their fault.

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  1. I hear you. It seems like once you get off your routine for a day or two it's ten times harder to get back onto it. And then it kicks your ass to remind you that you were a lazy ass. :( Good luck chick!