Thursday, May 13, 2010

It's a little sunnier

Yesterday I made a pretty depressing  post  full of self pity.  Today, I have a better attitude.

While I am still really tired with fuzzy eyes and a slow-moving, heavy body, I'm not so down on myself.  I see the light, sort of.  Shit, this is probably all a bad case of PMS anyways...

But there is so much that I can do in life - the possibilities are endless!  And it is definitely something I will focus on once I'm back from my trip, but right now I need to put my all in the present!  No more sour puss!

I haven't talked about running since my post about my off week so I'll fill you in.  It's tough - I'm having a really hard time getting motivated and once I'm out there I'm not at 100%.  But I'm doing it.  I won't quit.  I've been close a few times but I just won't do it.  Only 4 more runs left in the program! Can't stop now!  

Get ready, folks!  T-minus 13 days until we touch down in London town!  2 nights in London, a week in York, then it's jet set to Lanzarote in the Canary Islands (with maybe some diving in my future!)  But this is all a whole other post that I will save for later.

Knockin' myself out of my funk because I just can't stand the sound of myself anymore.  Suck it up, Morg!  Your childhood dream of a vacation is less than 2 fucking weeks away!!!!!!! The other shit can wait!

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