Wednesday, May 5, 2010

What a Beautiful Wedding!!

It was a story book wedding set at a rustic, Southern Californian
ranch on a warm, sunny day. A live band played while everyone mingled
and found their seats.
Peacocks wandered the grounds, providing a playful and colorful
The altar was shaded by a tree with jars filled with fresh flowers and
hung by ribbons.
The pastor was funny and the energy was lively. The courtard was
filled with laughter and tears of joy.
After the exchange of vows and promises - they even had all of us vow
in unison to be there for Anna and John. Was fantastic!
After the ceremony we all gathered on the lawn for cocktails and hors
d'ouvres and we celebrated this incredibly joyous event. Dinner was
was the fresh, simple, and elegant. The dance floor was adourned with
string lights and the DJ kept everyone on their feet, even my step-dad
Planna Anna (that's what we all call her since she is such a planner
and so organized) did an a amazing job putting it all together -
everything was better than perfect and beyond beautiful!


  1. thankyou sweet morgan. just discovered your blog. where have i been??? love you!!!!!!!!