Friday, April 30, 2010

Boycott AZ? I dare you...

The recent passing of the controversial immigration bill in Arizona has raised quite the stink nationwide.  And it should.  This is a nationwide problem!  

Considering that Arizona is one of the largest contributing states as passage for illegal immigration, it must act aggressively and in doing so risk offending people.  Not to be cold-hearted, but this is all about the big picture and unfortunately big change will hurt people along the way.

Nothing will EVER change if we try to make everyone happy.

I repeat, the racial profiling is offensive. But come on people, if you aren't doing anything illegal, then you should have no fear... And there are many Hispanic residents of Arizona, here naturally and those that have immigrated legally, that are welcome. I have faith that law enforcement will not go door to door raiding homes as if this were the holocaust! 

So everyone is angry and we ALL are entitled to our opinions as people.  Anger and Support are both justified and we all should be respected.  Progress comes from being able to see both sides.

Here is my topic of focus today: a total boycott of Arizona is completely intangible.  Now, since it's summer, everyone is leaving anyways so it's easy for people to say they won't visit Arizona in boycott but that is just convenient.  They already planned to be in their midwest and eastern summer homes anyways.

But not buying food at the concession stand at a Diamondbacks game (in Chicago) doesn't hurt AZ, it actually hurts Chicago.

And what about these ginormous manufacturers such as HoneywellIntel, and others shown on this Arizona Industry resource?  Stop being a passenger in an airplane, a user of technology, or a caller to friends and family that have motorola phones.  I dare you.

I mean this is just silly, guilt by branding.  "Don't Boycott Arizona Iced Tea, We're Not From Arizona!"  People just jumping on the "I despise Arizona" bandwagon.

I support people who want to voice their opinions and stand by their convictions but let's be realistic here, America.  Do you really think you can boycott a state and all that it produces?

Disclaimer: This post in no way represents that I have a poor opinion of others based on race or creed.  I believe in LEGAL immigration!



  1. I knew when this all blew up you'd do a "part two" post. ;) I totally agree with as I did before. I think the fact that people are in such an uproar about it is because it's the new controversy. I would make a wager that 99% of these people were complaining about the outrageous number of illegal immigrants just a week before. Seriously. Those who are complaining should try to compete for a job with an illegal. They will work for cheaper and for longer hours which makes it harder for an American to get a job. Honestly I think that every border state should have the same regulations.

  2. Thanks for your comment! So many of us are in fact guilty of getting caught up in the current scandal or controversy just for the sake of being involved which is good and bad. Americans have been fighting for the right of freedom of speech for ages, even today it is a tremendous dilemma since we are all allowed our opinions but equally are expected to filter accordingly.

    These two posts were edited quite a few times before I felt appropriate and politically correct. Awe, but that is a whole other tangent and I only have so much time on my soapbox for the day...

    Employment is HUGE, especially in border states. To be blunt, almost everyone knows - if you want a job done well and fast, hire an illegal but pay them by the job, not the hour. They'll work their ass off for cheap and won't milk their time!

  3. Just heard on the radio that some "idiot" LA City Councilors (Ed Reyes and Janice Hahn) are proposing adopting a boycott Arizona Los Angeles city Council policy.....small problem - LA gets its power from Arizona and so to do this they will have to raise the power rates 10% for all of the Los Angeles households and businesses - now that is really smart. That will make them very popular.

    I was hoping that the 400,000+ illegals in Arizona would go to San Francisco and Los Angeles sanctuary cities and get on their welfare and health care systems - CA can afford it - right.

    I also heard that Shakira met with Flash Gordon (Phil Gordon - Phoenix mayor) and Four Star ( Phoenix police chief Jack Harris) - and this was the most importan thing they were doint that day.

  4. Well, Morgan, family history probably gives you a knack for getting in the middle of a scrap--and you've picked a good one-- which no doubt will keep you busy for most of your life (ahead).
    What is becoming more apparent to me, as the Washington (Dems) doublespeak grows, is the fact that Washington gives one damn less about the welfare of all the "masses", except for votes. They are USING these people, keeping them subservient, and will never provide the jobs, freeedom, and equality promised. Their goal is to keep the economy in upheaval, and the citizens in fear, so the herd can be pointed toward their "solutions".
    As in Obamacare. Stimulus Plan. And Heaven help us in the coming oil disaster. Never mind the boycott, we have bigger problems.
    Too bad we can't communicate better since we're in the same boat.
    Maybe thats the job you have volunteered for ??
    Good Luck, My Love, Dad

  5. Not sure how I came across your blog, but.. well said!