Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A run on a rainy day

Week 6, Day 2 - I found some relief from the heat and the weather gave me a rainy day!  I only felt a few sprinkles but the cloudy sky, random puddles, and cool temps made for a perfect evening to be out on the path!

The person with the PIP car apparently has a friend that drives my childhood dream car  - sea foam green classic beetle - got close with my apple green new beetle!

Funny thing is, an old friend drove this exact one, with the rack and all... Wonder if it's him!

The first day I ran this route I saw this statue and was so startled!  One of the fun things to do while out and about is snoop on people's patios - I swore to God at that moment this was a person, maybe an aboriginal, and here I was staring at him.

Phew!  It's just a statue of an ape.    Cracks me up!

This is a view of the golf course I run along - this was a beautiful view in person with the cloudy sky and then the illuminated mountains on the horizon...
(Sorry for the poor lighting)

Love a stormy sky....  


  1. Great pictures.....how the hell, by the way, keeps a statue of an ape on their porch?? Weird.

  2. Thanks! Not quite sure but it has topped my list of most random things seen on a patio! I kind of want it! haha