Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Simon + Morgan turn 2 today

It was a typical night in Rocky Point - groups of Arizonian 20 somethings hit the town for some good old debauchery in party town Mexico.

I went with a group of friends and knew of another group that was going to be there the same weekend.  Of course, cell service is shit so I didn't really expect that I'd get to meet up with them.

But to my amazement while we were at Manny's I ran into them!  I knew that it was going to be an amazing night out!  We merged groups and walked over to Pink Cadillac

Per usual, I was glued to the dance floor and noticed this really cute guy wearing a pink shirt and pink sunglasses.  Gave him the come hither glance and we started dancing.

But I have an issue with dancing right up against someone for too long; I need room to dance!  So I stepped away slightly and he took it as me being uninterested.  He eventually wandered away.  Damn it.

Come to find out, he is there with the group that I knew and ran into!  We all ended up hanging out into the night and I let him and his friend crash on the patio at our resort.  Next morning we thought, hey, it's Mexico, let's go get some beer and head down to the pool!  We were having so much fun but it was time for me to hit the road back home (boo!).  Simon offered to bring me home with him later that day so I talked with my friends that I drove down with and all was good.  Woo hoo!  One more day in Mexico!

Simon, his friend, and I wandered around town exploring and stopped at a few of his favorite places.  The last stop was JJ's Cantina in Cholla Bay.  After relaxing and chatting on the patio overlooking the bay, it was time to head home.  We headed to the car but his friend didn't come right away - as we were waiting in the car - Simon got really close and told me that he really liked me and wanted to see me again.  Then he kissed me.  The best, most amazing, sweetest first kiss in the world.  (I don't care how good anyone else's was - ours is THE best).

Butterflies went crazy in my heart and stomach and my knees and toes went all tingly.  Reminiscing of this makes me feel so giddy!

It was one of the best afternoons, I felt so safe and happy around him - I knew this guy was really something to me.

Looks like I was right ;)


  1. I'm jealous for a few reasons. One, you have an awesome guy. and Two, you look hot in that dress. Dammit. Back on the fuckmill..

  2. Wow you are from Santa Cruz and you know my new cyber-friend Sarah... that is almost unbelievable. I'm originally from Big Sur- I'm sure you've been down there. Thanks for the love- hope to keep up on your postings...


  3. Thank you my dear! That was two years ago though... not so good looking now haha

    I heart Big Sur! Lots of camping has been done there... so beautiful. You're a luck guy, you know that right? You've lived in some of the most beautiful country I have ever been...