Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Week 4, Doctor Visits, and the Worst April Fool's Joke in History

Get comfy folks, I have a lot for you to catch up on.  I'll give each headings to help you along the way 

Couch to 5K - Week Four
And the struggling has begun...  Ugh!

It has been a busy week so my days have been more spread out than I would like.  Day 2 was supposed to happen Friday but Zipps happy hour just sounded way too tempting.  But I knew that I would be going with Sarah on Saturday so I decided I would rather do Saturday and Sunday than Friday and Saturday.

Saturday sucked.  I sucked.  Big time.  It was 2 in the afternoon and probably 85 degrees, no breeze, no clouds, no relief.  I was really active all morning running around and working on projects so I was already pooped.  Chilled out by the pool to try and recoup for a bit but it clearly did not help.

My knees were KILLING me!  And I was terribly out of breath.  No bueno!  So of course I was in no mind set to do day three of week four on Sunday.  I about died this time!  

But you'll be surprised and I am proud to say, I ran Sunday morning despite the pain.  Now it wasn't the program, but it was about 5 minutes or so (I didn't keep track).  You see, after the terrible experience I had, Sarah and I went and rewarded ourselves with cheeseburgers and beers at Saddle followed by more beers at Giligin's.  Being the responsible adults we are, we walked home.  On my way to get my car Sunday morning, I walked long enough to eat a banana and then to challenge myself I committed to running the rest of the way.  I think I got at least 2 full songs out of it so I had to have gone at least 5 minutes.  yay for me!

Monday, was supposed to be day 3 since Sunday wasn't but I finished up my day too late.  (I decided today I need to get over my fear of running at night stat - blistering heat is very near).

So here it is Tuesday, and I have completed day 3 of week 4.  I have been running 3x a week for a month!  A huge accomplishment!  Whoah! I just realized I'm 1 1/2 runs from half way.  Yippee!

Tonight was incredibly better than Saturday.  The sun was setting and the breeze was refreshing.  I stretched more than usual and really took my time with it.  Minimal knee pain this time!!  Had some mild shin splints, though.  Will never ever have a pain free run though so it's time I learn to just deal with it rather than let it criple me.  I find I do best when I love the song, it's loud, and I focus on my breath and a smooth, slow, springy, stride.  It is when I obsess over how my feet land on every step and how short or long my stride is.  I start to get frustrated, push too hard, and get out of breath and stiff.

Baby steps.  I am not going to be able to keep up with people who are runners.  I'm not a runner.  I'm training to be one and have to be patient with myself to get there at my body's own pace.

Now I face the dilemma of scheduling week 5.  Tomorrow is ideal, but it should be an off day, then Thursday I work 7:30 until 9 or 10p.m. and Friday 7:30 until 9.  Saturday morning will be no problem and Sunday is out because it is the day after a party we are throwing. So it looks like I'm going tomorrow and Saturday because we all sure as hell know I will not get up and do this before work.  I'm pretty excited because I have thought out a new route since I'll be running more and will need a slight bit more distance.  Brace yourselves - day 3 of next week is run 20 minutes.  Pray for me!

Doctor Visits
I had contemplated even writing about this because I simply don't want this to be a forum for me to cry "woe is me."  Well, woe. ;)

For probably the past ten years I have had "episodes" that I could never really pin as anything specific and they have scared the shit out of me.  Based on my family history with all the ladies on my mom's side, we self-diagnosed it as high levels of estrogen and aura migraines.  (Fun fact: my mom is sure that all of the Howard women were/are over sexed aka are sex kittens due to high levels of estrogen)

My solution was to stay away from BC with a lot of hormones.  It seemed to work, most of the time.  But I still had them, just not as frequent.  They were more often prior to '06 and since then I had one last spring and then now again on Sunday.

I briefly described them in a previous post.  Doc advised that I take notes next time it happened so I did just that.  I focused on every little detail that I possibly could.  I am so frustrated with the incredible challenge of communicating how I feel.  But it was a good experience.  I remembered that lights don't flash, the numbness only exists on the left side, and I was better able to describe the "whoosh" as if heat is gradually spreading underneath my skin and that my head feels as if it is moving backwards.  My motor skills are slowed, but I can still function.  I took deep breathes, analyzed what was happening, and it went away.  for about 15 minutes afterwards I was still out of sorts, but the disorientation was gone.

She is still puzzled, but doubts it is a migraine.  One of the possibilities is mild seizures.  So, now I get to have an MRI and an EEG.  Please, dear God, let this just be defensive medicine and a way for her to rule it out.  I emailed her today asking if I should have my estrogen tested first; if she thinks that or any sort of chemical imbalance is the likely culprit.  We'll see what she says tomorrow...  

In the meantime, I stress that I either a) am wasting time and overreacting or b) I have something wrong with my brain.  I'm just embarrassed about all of this - that it's all nothing and I'm just a crazy worry wart.  I welcome humility with open arms!!!

Worst April Fool's Joke in History
My brother is a very mean, twisted person.  He is NOT moving here.  End of story.  Jerk.

And I leave you with a positive update...
Thursday is Simon's birthday!  We are having a housewarming party on Saturday for some of our friends and will be celebrating his birthday, too.  I ordered an amazing cake and I can't wait until I can speak freely about it!  (I promised Simon I wouldn't bring it up anymore)
48 days until England/Lanzarote!  Lindze brought her beautiful daughter Sadie in today after work so I got to see her for a little bit.  Oh, and Lindze and I had ice cream today.  Definitely a sunny day!

Good night all!  Tomorrow is a clean slate and new opportunity for betterment - I leave you with this quote to learn and live by!  

"Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most." - Buddha


  1. Don't get freaked out about the tests- you'll be fine. :) At least you might get some answers. They could put me through a thousand tests if it meant they would figure something out. But I'll send positive and happy thoughts your way.

    Your brother is a meanie. :(

    Good for you on the running!! I do my little ole fuckmill at least 4 times a week and then Curves. I am trying to run but it's hard. Expecially when you have boobs AND an ass. All the jiggling is a little weird. A cool blog to check out that has running information is: http://finnyknits.blogspot.com she is hilarious. And I'm basically her whore. ;)

  2. I knew it! i knoew it was a joke! Not very nice however, since he kept it going past april fools!