Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I just ran 8 minutes straight!!!! Twice! And loved it!!! Not lying.
Saturday I did W5D1, which was 3 intervals of 5 minutes. Also amazing!
Only issue I still have is feeling slow and beating myself up for it.
There are a lot of people on the trail and I imagine they're all
training for the Tilman on Saturday. These fit, lean, dressed to the T
when it comes to running gear are flying by me. I keep reminding
myself that they were slow one day, too. Someday I will do better! I
just need to keep at it!
I am also really excited about a new podcast I just found - it is
: pumpin cardio. The episode I downloaded has an Indian or Middle
Eastern vibe to it and the beats are fantastic. Really helped me keep
my feet moving!
And now I will share with you something I covet every time I do my
run. A VW Karmann Ghia. Just like Andy in PIP drove. Paint this baby
the pink hers was and I am buyin!! Isn't this car amazing? I think
my heart flutters every time I go by.... Me wants!!!!!!!

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