Friday, April 9, 2010

Carina the Blogarina, one of my favorite bloggers that I stumbled upon at 20 Something Bloggers, tagged her readers to show their 10th photo in their 1st album.  The idea is to use your library on your computer, but like Carina I am not at home so I'm using Facebook, too.

My first album only had 7 photos in it so I chose to take the 10th photo I am tagged in.  Here it is!

This is at Jenn's Wedding (see her blog here) This photo was so fun to take!  The other girls (left to right) are Gigi, Erin (she has a blog, too), Kari, and Tiffani.  I was so happy to be a part of Jenn's wedding and create some really great friendships!
Photographer is Lizzie Kimball - she rocks!

You're suppose to tag 10 people to this, and I tag YOU! Show me you 10th photo in your 1st album!

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  1. How funny... I just had a flashback when I had like only 20 friends at FB and 2 pics.