Friday, April 23, 2010


I rarely speak out about political issues.  I keep to myself and hardly ever speak out, whether in protest or agreement.  But this issue I feel like giving my two cents, whether you agree or not.

I think this is a good move.  When traveling to another country, do you not carry your proof of citizenship at all times?  Why not while living in a country that you are not a citizen?

This morning, Phoenix was a sanctuary for illegal immigrants and it has proved to be a problem.   A Sanctuary City is one that law enforcement is forbidden by city ordinance from calling immigration when they arrest someone they know is an illegal.  No longer.

Today SB1070 was passed and I have yet to see any support in media and on social networking sites... It allows law enforcement to perform checks upon "reasonable suspicion" that a person may be illegal.

Our law enforcement should have the right to enforce law, do they not?  They have the right to question someone that they suspect is breaking that law.  If you're not breaking the law, then you should have no fear.

From what I have seen and heard is that the people are fearful of racial profiling and brut and force by police (which statements have been made that this is NOT their motive)

I understand a tremendous amount of people are offended that this will lead to racial profiling.  Well, I'm sorry, but we have hundreds even thousands of illegal immigrants from Mexico living and working ILLEGALLY, eating up tax dollars and taking our jobs. There is a fact that exists: people from certain areas of the world have similar physical characteristics and if that is a queue that someone COULD be from that area and COULD be here illegally, why not save taxpayers money and use logic?

When I went to Mexico, Spain, Italy, even Hawaii, I was racially profiled as an American because I am fair skinned and blonde, some instances I was even harassed.  Sure can give it but not take it, huh?

In my opinion they're just trying to solve a problem in an efficient way.

Honestly, I wonder if the fear is that most of their friends and families can't hide in plain sight any longer.  I highly doubt there will be violence for no apparent reason.

So Phoenix remains an Oasis in the desert but no longer is a sanctuary for illegals. Word on the street is a lot of hispanic families will be moving.

Queue angry comments.

Disclaimer: This post in no way represents that I have a poor opinion of others based on race or creed.  


  1. And another thought. Do you honestly think that the police are going to stop every Hispanic person? That'd be impossible, there are thousands. They'll stick to the ones that are looking for work in parking lots.

  2. Well, my darlin' you have learned so much so well, congrats !
    I agree 100% and welcome you to the struggle for American values. And I wish we (Nevadans) had similar laws with such a courageous Governor. Wasn't it Emmerson (from Mass.) who said 'the best neighbors are made by strong fences'. Thats common sense that should have been applied many years ago instead of, the convoluted maze of lies we have on both sides in an attempt to sway the Hispanic vote (80% Obama last election).
    Bless You, Dad

  3. Totally agree. And honestly? If you are Hispanic and are asked to show proof of citizenship you shouldn't even worry about it if you are a citizen. Only the people who are illegal should be worried. This may be a different rant- but I am so sick of the US helping other countries when our own is so messed up. Why should it be so hard for an American citizen to get a job but an illegal can get one without a problem? How is that even fair? I think we need to stop worrying about what other countries think of us and just fix the issues that are plentiful here.

  4. Good for you from bringing up this discussion. It is important to share your opinion. I agree with you. Many are protesting against this action, but it is important to share your belief in support of the State of AZ's action. I sent an email to Jan Brew telling her I supported her action. We need to not be the silent majority-we need to speak out in support.

    This is the land of free speech and our speech cannot be silenced with political correctness. I am reminded of the movie Network and the quote "I'm as mad as hell, and I'm not going to take this anymore!" The federal government is letting us down, silencing us, lying to us (let's talk about the lies on Healthcare uncovered just days into the passing of that legislation some time.) It is important to speak out. I understand the concerns raised by the Hispanic community but they have to be part of the solution, not just raising objections. They are subject to violence by illegals - they need to speak out for improved enforcement and other solutions to stop the violence.

    I heard this morning that the bill doesn't go into effect until August and I imagine it will be challenged legally many times. So the President is concerned about violating Hispanic citizens their civil rights,(a nice little ACLU pat answer that he would give), but this action by the AZ legislature and Governor is starting a national discussion that is critical.

    I can recall traveling in Mexico, Europe and Canada being required to show my citizenship papers. You said about your travel "I was racially profiled as an American because I am fair skinned and blonde, some instances I was even harassed." I totally agree with this. In the United States I have been asked for my drivers' license on a number of occasions and my social security number hundreds of times. I now carry my passport. Do I feel discrimated against in the US. I have. I understand about the concerns raised, but political correctness has blinded some to ignore the law. The goal of controlling who is in the US is the reason for this bill, not discrimination and national security is one of the most important issue that the national politicians should be supporting.

    Law enforcement is trained to identify "reasonable suspicion" to act on further inquiry. Nothing is being discussed about the hundreds of times law enforcement knew someone was illegal and could not take an appropriate action. Napolitano, our former Governor, even took action to prevent Joe Arpaio from enforcing federal standards that would lead to a deportation. This bill is a balance reaction to this federal intervention.

    With such porous national boundaries - do we not open ourselves to potential of 911 repeating itself. Forget the virtual fence, put up a fence with well staff entry points to control who enters. This is a national security crisis, not just an Arizona crisis.

    With the drug violence active along the southern borders of the US (22,000 people have been killed related to drug violence over the last few years) For the border cities dealing with violence includer the recent murder of US rancher Robert Krenz, I cannot imagine the American citizens' fear of illegals and violence. Phoenix is noted as the kidnapping capitol of the US - root cause - illegals and Phoenix is 180 miles from the border. In CA they have warning signs on the 5 showing a family of illegals crossing the freeway 100s of miles into the state. My Sis when living in a more rural area had illegals showing up in her yard and breakins to her home were attributed to illegals. She lived over 50 miles from the border.

  5. Well said Morgan, and I agree with your point of view. My parents are now legal citizens and worked so hard to become citizens of this country...and they can't understand why everyone else can't do the same. So they carry their passports with them now and just say if they are pulled over they will show proof and then move along. My brothers and I were talking about this and we were thinking "are we the only hispanics that think this is a good thing?" because even as hispanics we have been affected and hurt by illegal people from Mexico, when my family and I were in the accident like 3 years ago where that drunk driver ran a red light and hit us...he was an illegal immigrant from Mexico, so all they could do was deport him. Had he been deported a long time ago we wouldn't have been in that accident. So let's see what happens...

  6. Thank you everyone for your feedback! I have to admit that I was nervous about this post but really wanted to share my opinion. As things are unfolding I am finding more and more supporters for the bill and I am very pleased about this.

    Susie, your perspective is absolutely refreshing!

    Immigration is a wonderful thing, when done legally and respectfully!

  7. Just want to say this morning, (5/20/10) after the state dinner for the Pres of Mex @ OUR WHITE HOUSE, that this is most disgusting performance by a U.S. President in our history. After his jerkish treatment of the Jewish, British, and other proven American friends. THIS jerk has to go as soon as possible, and we begin that process on November 2nd. Enjoy !! Love, Dad