Thursday, April 1, 2010

Today is the best day ever!

Just got news that my brother and his family are moving to Phoenix!  Matt got a new job that starts in May.  That is only a month away!  Can't wait to get to hang out with them and see the kiddos grow up!  I miss them so much!  Put away those sweatshirts and bring out the bathing suits & flip flops, guys!

So now I've got my mom and Lee here for the winter (some day full-time) Brian in California that visits often with his family, Matt and his family as of May - just need to get Jon here from Wisconsin!

We're like a gypsy family! haha From California, to Wisconsin/Minnesota, to Arizona.  Hopefully it's the last stop.  I love it here!

I think a party is in order...


  1. And there is nothing wrong with being a gypsy. :) I'm Flordia-Minnesota-Wisconsin. I'd like to live in a new area- I don't particularly like the up north. I'm a sunshine and hot weather girl all the way! :)

  2. Sure makes for a well-rounded person, doesn't it! I would highly recommend the oasis we call Phoenix or Scottsdale. There is something for everyone and the weather is mild, even the hot summers are more tolerable than the midwest winters!