Monday, April 19, 2010


Hold on to your seats, kids!  I ran NON-STOP for TWENTY ONE AND A HALF minutes! That is longer than the program called for, granted it was only a minute and a half longer, but that is super exciting!

See, I wasn't feelin the music so I was messing around on my ipod.  If you leave the app, it pauses the workout, but I kept running as not to mess with my flow.

I felt awesome all through it, and I even had a few beers the night before.  Imagine if I hadn't!
Breath was natural and legs were strong.  And then, it was time to walk.  This is where I felt the jell-o in my legs take over.  Note to self.  Don't stop! haha

But really, this has officially burned into my psyche that the vast majority of running abilities is in my head.  I've always known but I think one just has to experience it to really learn how to manage it.

A friend had invited me to do Pat's Run that was this day and I had considered it for about 30 seconds but chickened out.  Now, after completing this segment, I know I could have done it and I would have enjoyed it.  I was just scared.  Next year I'll do it for sure!  It's only 4.2 miles and has all levels of runners, and walkers.

I am feeling regretful that I didn't go for it but even so, here this ex-smoker couch-potato went from running 8 minutes non-stop to 21:30.  Pretty amazing what a little practice and jedi mind tricks can do...

Two more sessions of intervals then it's gradually gonna increase from 25 to 30 minutes.  Only 4 weeks left!


  1. dang girl! That is so awesome!!

    I am going to finish out April with my 3.5mph walks and then start running. Now that my ass isn't so jiggly it sould be easier. I hope. Otherwise I'm going to look like an asshole. ;)

  2. Way to go! that's so great and very inspiring!

  3. Thanks! I'm so excited for BOTH of you to start running!
    Lindsay, have you started C25k yet?