Monday, March 22, 2010

Could be more than a sprain...

A couple weeks ago I injured my wrist practicing yoga, yes, yoga!

In an hour and a half flow class we probably had to do about 30 cycles of downward dog, plank, chatarunga, upward dog.  It flowed something like this:

There were various standing poses cycled in here and there for variation, but this was the core of the class.  Amazing upper body workout but not so kind on the wrists...

I'm not sure if it was instant, but I definitely injured my wrist during the process. I figured it'd heal itself and I'd be fine.


Friday night at the wedding (which was amazingly fantastic btw) I did a lot of dancing.  Got twirled a few too many times though, because I woke up at 4 a.m. to excruciating pain in my wrist.  Dealt with it until Simon woke up and we walked down to CVS to get a splint.

Endured the pain on Saturday, and it seemed to gradually lighten up by Sunday night.  I still made an appt. to see the doc - if it hurt that badly after two weeks, it definitely needed to be looked at.

So I went this afternoon, and diagnosis is a sprain but she wants me to go get an xray.  Because there are so many little bones in the wrist, and she feels shifting in a few places. She thinks there is a possibility that they are rubbing against each other and could potentially have chipped.  Specifically she is concerned about my hamate.  So gonna go get the x-ray this week and we'll see.

The new doc is amazing, btw.  The last guy was a jerk and needed to be replaced.  I found her in Phoenix Magazine in their feature piece, top Phoenix docs of 2010.  She is so wonderful.  Not only did we go over my wrist in detail, but she did a complete physical and was really thorough on every point.  I have this weird thing happen to me occasionally that I have loosely diagnosed as migraines: tunnel vision, skin crawling/tingling, disorientation, lights flashing, lead into fear and panic.  She suggested a few things: migraine, panic attack, or even a seizure. She gave me advice on what to do next time and asked that I take notes and see her immediately.  She is the first doctor to listen and offer answers and cares!!  I can tell I found someone that will be a great fit for me!  If you're looking for a new doc in the Scottsdale area, let me know!

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