Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Achy breaky? wrist

Advil!  Stat!

This wrist is achy, poppy, and sweaty.  (Thank goodness for Febreze!)

Went and got my xray this morning.  Honestly I was excited since I had never had one before.  Something about seeing them in eppies of Greys glamified them for me.  But.... not so glam.  In fact, pretty lame.

AND I don't even get to take my slides home.  Was really hopin for that!  Now must wait 48 hours for my doc to get them.  I wonder if I'll have to wait for my next appointment to know anything.

So is it breaky?  Or just achy?  All I know is my wrist aches.  It's tired.  Especially from all the jewelry case lifting I did.  And a little bit of Farmville farming (yes, i am finally admitting to you that I am a Farmville addict)  This typing sure isn't helping, either but I know all of my hundreds of readers are dying to know what is on my mind.  How can such a small little injury allow me to deprive them?  Never!

Speaking of... How the F am I supposed to get readers.  I have now submitted it to a half a dozen communities and directories, posted it on my FB page, and whored it out to my friends and on Buzz.

If you are reading this and have any advice, first of all, SUBSCRIBE.  Second, could you post me a comment with a little advice?

All I can think of is whoring myself out on other people's blogs but that just feels tacky to me.

I'm not a super witty or comical genius, just a girl with a lot of thoughts and a kick ass typing speed.  Can I get me some readers, please??

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