Thursday, March 25, 2010

I think I might cry today

I know what I said in the previous post about choosing to be happy but I think I just may cry today.

Currently I am the only person in my office.  Literally.

My head cannot hold all of these hats!

Customer Care Manager
Office Manager
Knower of everything

Fuck.  I need a raise.

Is it Friday yet????


  1. No baby, tomorrow is Friday. :) But as long as you have some really cute hats (and shoes with matching purses) things are FINE. Because I'm 99% sure that if you become an alcoholic due to your work- that is totally workman's comp. Right??

  2. I can't tell you how many times I have had to take a "restroom" break so I can breathe and control the quiver in my chin because I am about to break out in sobs, not just tears but sobs! I say they need to give you a raise STAT!

  3. I like your logic, Sara! I always wondered why I loved my evening bevvie ;)
    And unfortunately, hats aren't as frequent in the desert. Maybe I'll wear a baseball cap on my run tomorrow morning, though! The one i have matches my shorts so perfect!

    Thanks Susie, but considering all the layoffs it is far out of the picture. So I endure... and work a second job lol