Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Happy Hump Day

First I'll update you on yesterday's run. I was too damn pooped to
muster up enough energy to blog last night...

I took a different route - went north up Miller to Chapparal, then
swung back along the canal to Camelback and home. I have decided I
like running in the morning hours better than evening. Proof I am an
early bird at heart. I endured and forced smiles but honestly, it
wasn't as fun this time. Legs were tight even after 10 minutes of
stretching and the standard 5 minute warm up. But at least I got
relief from the dirt path and had quite a bit to take in.

This time of year the orange blossoms in Scottsdale are heavenly. This
makes even walking to your car enjoyable so imagine 30 minutes of
constant whiffs or sweet fragrant bliss. Add silhouetted palm trees and
the sun setting behind camelback mntn and you have one beautiful

Until.... Blech! My first bug in mouth experience! Hahaha I almost
died laughing at myself just in awe of everything around me, caught
in the moment of my growth and accomplishment and then all of a sudden
a bug swooped into my mouth with my inhalation.
Didn't eat him, luckily. He only made it to the back of my tongue
before I so gracefully spit him out. Too funny!

So I made it through my first set of longer stints alive, with only
very small problems with endurance which I think is a result of being
tired from the day.

Should I try a pre-work run tomorrow? That means up at 5:30 hmmm...

Okay so on to today. Check out this stunning necklace and earring set I'm wearing by Elements and Alloys, one of the phemnomenal designers at The Golden Barrel.

The design is Spheres, the necklace is in gold priced at $7,950 and the earrings are gold and silver, priced at $495.

I think they look pretty smart paired with my white button down, don't you?

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