Friday, March 26, 2010

Two Months today I will be in ENGLAND!

Whoop whoop!

My obsession gene has officially kicked in!

A few things I am excited to do and see...

Meet Simon's family and the house and neighborhood he grew up in - his dad still lives there!

See the York Minster lit up

Go to the York Dungeons (Frickin' love this stuff no matter how scary it is!)

Have a pint at the Kings Arms

With Tommy & Anna

Stay at the Guy Fawkes Inn B&B

See the Museum Gardens

And the York walls

Visit Edinburgh

See Cliffords Tower, what's left of York castle, and the castle museum

Nights out in London (and lots of daytime touristy stuff)

Using a phone booth

Taking the train 

A sheep roadblock

The Queen and all her glory - here's to hoping I actually get to see her and that perfect wave...

All to be finished up with a trip to Lanzarote

There is so much more to be excited about.... I can't fit it all in one blog!  

Next thing I know, I'll be on the plane and on my way.  Yipeeee!


  1. I miss it! 4 long years I lived there! I was in the middle of a sheep block and my parents thought it would be funny to leave me there and take pictures....... not safe!

  2. Wow- I am totally putting my jealous panties on! You are going to have a FABULOUS time and I hope you post a ton of pictures!