Thursday, March 18, 2010


I had to skip my run yesterday for valid reasons. Plan was to go after
my hair appt but wedding stuff came up that had to be done. The MOH
and I went over to the bride's to do one last fitting and it was
beautiful! She looked absolutely stunning!
We hung out for a bit and met some out of towners, one of the
groomsmen and his wife. Great people!
She showed us all the decorations and they are so so cool!! She really
had an amazing vision and I can't wait to see it all pit together!
So after about an hour the MOH and I booked it to F21 to go get our
jewelry -gonna look saweet!!!
Finally got home at about 830 tired and hungry. I failed again by
stopping at Arbys fir their free St Patties Day Reuben. Which had to
be accompanied by curly fries and a soft drink. Delish! But oh so
I went to bed feeling guilty for skipping the run and piggin out. In
my last moments before sleep I promised myself I'd do the run at 7am
Friday. Problem solved
Here's where kharma stepped in - slept in past my alarm, lost one of
my contacts while putting it on forcing me to make a pair a single,
found out i forgot to edit my reoccuring transfer (easy fix but
equally annoying), and didn't have time to make coffee or breakfast
(which is probably a good thing considering the 800 calories I ate
late last night!)
Oh, and a friend just pointed out that I was wearing two different
earrings. Fml.
Not so sunny day... But it looks like the clouds are breaking. I
remembered that I had to break a pair of contacts about 4 months ago
so there was already a single with no friend, there was a honey
nectarine I left at work I could have for breakfast, GoGo Coffee will
be at my office at 9:15, and I have an extra pair of earrings in my
Life is good as an even Steven!
Nail appt at lunch and a quick tan session, rehearsal dinner tonight
an the big day tomorrow. Can't wait!!!

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