Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Beautify me!

T-minus 3 days until the Rubin/Nichols wedding and the primping has
begun! This girlie girl is not complaining either!
Tonight: tanning - a good friend that works at a salon hooked me up
with airbrushing. I am soooo tan! She did an awesome job.
Seriously I'm like Gilligan's Island tan (cant wait to see that movie
btw) and i look so skinny! this is so awkward, though! I feel like
I should just stand still until I can take a shower in the morning.
Can't touch anything or let it touch me otherwise it could smudge.
On the way home I put on my seat belt like a good little girl and it
rubbed my chest. It reminded me of Jessica Simpson's new show The
Price of Beauty - in it she traveled to Thailand and met a woman whose
face was bleached like MJ's from a whitening foundation (in Thailand
the paler the prettier/richer). Her husband left her and her singing
career ended. That was a price for beauty she paid and regrets.
I couldn't stop thinking of that driving home - here I was driving
without a seatbelt through rush hour traffic just to salvage a spray
tan. Silly.
But made it home unable to do anything productive other than eat
dinner, open a bottle of wine, and "relax" on towels on the couch
watching True Blood.
I will consider this endurance training for running. ;)
So we'll see If today's efforts of up at 5:30 for full body
exfoliation, shaving, and waxing and and evening of smelly
awkwardness. Sure am stoked to be tan! Even if it is fake!
Stay tuned - I bought a tanning package to tan through the airbrush,
and tomorrow I get a cut and highlight, nails the next day, then.
Friday the day of the wedding I'll be getting my hair and makeup done
by the cream of the crop (salon sandoval and MAC). Sure do love the
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