Monday, March 29, 2010

Let's Play Four Square!

No, not the childhood game where you bounce a red rubber ball in other people's square - although I do recall LOVING that game (and butts up - anyone ever play that??).

I am talking about Four Square of the future - I'm not sure why they chose this name but no bother, this is so addicting and FUN!

This is an app for iPhone, Droid, and Blackberry that allows you to "check-in" at various locations that you visit.  The more you check-in, the more points and badges you can earn.  If you have visited a location more than anyone else, you become the MAYOR!

Some shops and restaurants are giving specials to their Foursquare customers, and free stuff to the mayor.  What great marketing!

Also, users can post tips like what to order (or avoid), specials, secrets, or just comment about locations.  There is a feature that pulls up locations near you based on your phone's GPS so you can find places that have tips already.

The competition alone is what drives me on it.  Jenn and I (check out her blog here) have even talked about going out one afternoon and racing to see how many places we can check it at around the mall we both part-time at.  Jenn, you are going DOWN!!!!

If you have one of these phones (or an iTouch) I highly recommend signing up here and adding me as a friend here!


  1. I was wondering what that was when you posted the "check in" thing of fb. Sounds fun, I'm gonna try it but I will probably forget most of the time...ha.

  2. And this will be your new crack. :)